About Duncan

My name is Duncan McKenzie. I’m a TV comedy writer and producer. I’ve worked on a number of Canadian comedy shows, including five seasons of History Bites, and three seasons (and counting) of the kids sketch comedy series That’s So Weird.

I have some experience in improv comedy – I was once Artistic Director of one of the larger improv groups in the country, Toronto Theatresports, and I produced a television series titled Train 48, a semi-improvised soap-opera/comedy that ran for over 300 episodes. I still have my toe in the improv ocean, and teach improv classes at Bad Dog Theatre Oakville, and Comedy U, here in Oakville, Ontario.

Comedic improv is the closest thing I have to a specialty. But I’m interested in (and distracted by) a wide range of topics, particularly scientific and technical ones.┬áMy life seems to consist of a series of obsessions. Like a lot of cerebral types, I become very interested in a subject, learn a lot about it, and then, as the interest fades, move on to something new. Some of the things I discover in the process are surprising – at least, they surprise me – and I thought it would be a good idea to document some of my interests and researches, so that it builds up a body of information that might be useful to other people.

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